Connected Home

A connected home is a protected home. Advanced Air Mechanical, Inc provides installation and set up of some of the smartest ways to protect your home.

Lyric T6 thermostat

There are few things better than a comfortable home after a time away, with the T6 wifi stat you can monitor the temperature and set alerts to notify you when the temps get out of your comfort zone.

You don’t have to worry about surprise leaks or uncomfortable homes when you pair the T6 with the Lyric leak detector.

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Lyric WiFi Leak/Freeze detector

With the lyric Wifi leak detector, you will know the minute moisture or dangerous temperatures may cause damage to your home. This detector can be placed around water heaters, clothe washers and Air conditioners or Furnaces.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your home while away. With these smart devices your home will be connected and protected.

The Honeywell C2 security camera pulls double duty, baby monitor, security, or watching the dogs play while your at work. The C2 paired with our other smart devices can give you a picture perfect view of your home and comfort.

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